Things to do in August

Top tasks for August - Almost everything you have sown, planted and nurtured through the spring and early summer will be coming to fruition now. Daily trips to your plot should see you returning home with everything from peas, beans, carrots, beetroot, sweetcorn, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onions and salads to berries, currants and other fruits.


• Weed and water - in a dry summer the weed growth should slow down but it is important to continue regular watering to promote healthy growth and prevent plants bolting prematurely.


• Harvest regularly - courgettes, runner beans and french beans are notorious for the speed at which they grow, check daily and pick before they grow too large or become stringy.


• Tie up tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers - as the fruits develop they become heavy and the plants will require extra support to the main stems to avoid breakages and loss of crops


• Earth up - potatoes, trench celery to keep the stems out of the light and earth up around brassicas to support unsteady stems.


• Propagate strawberries - any strawberry runners can be pegged down to root, then potted up ready to transplant.


Sow or plant in August

There is very little to sow or plant now in time for harvesting this year. However as space becomes vacant from crops harvested you can begin to plant out overwintering crops, such as



Cauliflowers - August is the time to transplant winter and spring cauliflowers. If they overwinter successfully they should give you a harvest in the new year, January onwards.


Cabbages, Broccoli & Kale - sow a few more cabbages now for harvesting next spring, in a temporary seed bed or pots until space is available on the main plot. Cover them with nets or fleece to keep birds off.


Lettuce & other salad crops - still possible to sow lettuce though they may not germinate if the weather is too hot. For late autumn and winter salads continue to succession sow rocket, land cress and winter purslane.