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Lots of crops can be harvested in August, including carrots, runner beans, beetroot, globe artichokes, cucumbers, courgettes, and second early potatoes; maincrops may be ready from the end of the month. You can also harvest onions and shallots – leave them to dry in a sunny spot before storing.



Prune trained apples and pears

Some fruit trees can be pruned in summer, including plums, to avoid the development of silver-leaf disease. Trained apples and pears can be pruned in summer, as can spur-fruiting, established apple trees.


Watch out for pests and diseases

Watch out for flea beetle on brassicas and related plants such as Swiss chard and rocket. The tiny holes they create don’t affect the vigour of established plants but make the leaves less appealing to eat – cover plants with fleece. Also look out for blossom end rot on tomatoes, which is caused by irregular watering.


Sow crops

You can still sow lots of crops in August, for harvests into autumn and beyond. They include lettuce (keep out of the glare of direct sun), rocket, spring onion, radish plus winter salads, including mibuna, mizuna, mustard leaf and lamb’s lettuce.


Cut back summer-fruiting raspberries

Once they have fruited, the canes of summer-fruiting raspberries can be cut down to the ground. Read our guide to pruning summer-fruiting raspberries.


Prepare for a holiday

Going on holiday? Give the plot a thorough soaking before you go, and harvest as many crops as you can, even if they’re small. If you can, get a friend or neighbour to water for you while you’re away.








Hi all,

To be clear and to prevent the allotment sites closing entirely it is vital that the government COVID 19 advice issued on social distancing is followed.


This means.

1. It is vital that social distancing is maintained. (2 meters away from each other)


2.  If you don’t need to go to the plot please don’t go and stay at home.


We appreciate the current situation is frustrating for everyone  but it is vital all allotment holders are sensible and follow the instructions issued which are for the benefit and welfare of everybody.


We would appreciate wherever possible that that this information is shared with all allotment holders.


Take care.


Alan Morrow | Parks and Greenspaces Officer

Streetscene Parks and Greenspaces

Community Services

Liverpool City Council |1st Floor Lifestyles Everton Park Great Homer Street | L5 5PH




Gardening Stores

The allotment stores are usually open after 12 noon each day by our friendly secretary Ian. Here you can buy most of the things you will need to grow your vegetables ....

To view the current price list click on the button below

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