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Harvest crops

First early and second early potatoes should be ready to dig up this month – they don’t store well, so enjoy them straightaway. Globe artichokes and climbing beans will be ready to pick this month. Harvest garlic and onions when their tops have gone yellow and leave them to ripen in a dry, sunny spot. Strawberries and raspberries can be enjoyed this month, too – if birds are a problem, cover them with netting.



Sow crops

Now is the time to sow veg to harvest during the winter months, including kale, winter cabbage, spinach and radicchio. It’s a good time to sow carrots to avoid carrot fly, as well as continuing with radishes, beetroot, lettuce and runner beans. If you fancy growing potatoes for Christmas, now is the time to plant some.



Watch out for blight

In warm, damp weather, watch out for potato blight – in particular, dark edges on the leaves. Tomatoes grown outside are also susceptible to tomato blight.



Pinch out tomatoes

Pinch out the sideshoots of cordon tomatoes – this will encourage the plants to put their energies into producing flowers,and therefore fruits. Remove the growing tip once four flower trusses have formed.





In very hot weather, it pays to prioritise certain plants. Water flowering and fruiting tomatoes and cucumbers every day or two. Be generous with water on leafy crops such as lettuce, rocket, chard, coriander and spinach, which are prone to bolting if they dry out. Water strawberries, courgettes and runner beans frequently, along with veg that prefers cool conditions, such as cauliflower and cabbage. Also prioritise crops growing in pots.




Payment of Council Allotment Rents

Dear member,


Payment of Council Allotment Rents and WAGA Subscriptions for 2020-21 will take place at Seeds Lane allotment site on Sunday 2nd Feb and Sunday 9th Feb 2020, between 11am and 1pm.


Any member who has not paid all fees by 1pm on 9th Feb 2020 may incur a £10 late payment penalty fee or be subject to eviction procedures for non-payment.


Those members who have turned 60 during the last 12 months must provide proof of age in order to obtain their rent concession


Allotment costs 2020 — 2021 (City Council Rent increase from £50 to £51 per plot)


WAGA Annual Membership subscription will remain at £22


Allotment Rent                                         £51 per allotment

(over 60's receive 50% concession) (half plot = half rent)


WAGA membership subscriptions           £22 per member


Associate Membership subs     £10 per associate member    


Chicken space                                                    £10 per space


Rent and Subs                         Under 60                   Over 60              

Half Plot                                    £47-50                           £34-75              

Three Quarter plot                  £60-25                           £41-12                                                                    

One Plot                                    £73-00                           £47-50                                

One and a Quarter Plots        £85-75                           £53-87                                  

One and a Half Plots               £98-50                           £60-25

Two Plots                                  £124-00                         £73-00                

Two and a Half Plots               £149-50                         £85-75                  


Payments to be made to Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer only (Trish or Gwen).  Payment can be made by cash, by cheque, or by BACS. All cheques to be made out to "W.A.G.A, ' Can those choosing to pay cash please have the exact amount with them


For those who wish to transfer money electronically (BACS) the association bank details are.Please include your name and plot number in the BAC’s reference                


Bank = Santander          Sort code = 09 01 54            Account No = 33092289


Cheques may be posted to the Treasurer at the following address, please enclose name and plot number, and if a receipt is required please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.


Ms P. Nuttall

34 Marldon Rd

L12 5EZ