Due to the damage that affected the store when the tree came down in the recent storm, we are having to run things a little differently for the time being. 

We have managed to gain access to the store, but advise all members that until we have had the damage repaired, they should remain outside when making purchases. Also, some of the products have had to be moved into the office on a temporary basis, but are still available for sale.

We are currently dealing with our insurers regarding repairs to the store building, and will update you when we have a decision on this matter.

Please see our 2022 stores price list. Some of the items have increased in price but that is due to the increases in the wholesale price we have had to pay, and this is not something we have any control over. 

The only items not yet in stock are the seed potatoes and onion sets, but as you can see, we have extended the varieties of Maincrop for 2022.

As soon as the seed potatoes and onion sets are available for sale a further notification will be sent out to all members.

Most of our allotments on our waiting list look like the above photos.

Due to unprecedented demand for plots during 2020, which has resulted in an

extensive waiting list, we unfortunately have to announce that we will not be taking any more applications until further notice. Currently we have no vacant plots.

HEDGEHOG ALERT: If you have a water feature please leave a log in the water so that

if a hedgehog falls in it has a way of getting out of the water


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