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Potted History

WAGA History

Potted History

A look at the history of Walton Allotment Gardens Association shows that in 1900 the land which comprised “Seeds Lane Gardens” was bought by “Kirkdale Burial Board”, as a possible future extension of Kirkdale Cemetery and at time of purchase was rented out as allotments. The introduction of crematoriums in the 1930's prevented the land from being used for burial purposes and during the course of a century and more, City Authorities have changed the use of almost two thirds of the land which originally comprised the allotments (Barlows Lane School, housing, Seeds Lane Park). What remains of the original "Seeds Lane Gardens”, 9.3 Acres, has been around for at least a Century and as far as we are aware is the oldest allotment site in Liverpool.

A book on the local history of the area, reads…

“At that time, the land located between Seeds Lane and Barlows Lane (which had been purchased in 1900 from the Milbourne family by the former Kirkdale Burial Board) was owned by Liverpool Corporation and under control of the Burials Committee. Much of this land was rented out as allotment gardens to local residents but following the Council's having taken control of Kirkdale Cemetery in 1905 plans were set in motion for its alternative use.”

Below is an extract from the minutes of a meeting of Liverpool City Council on the 22nd October 1919 concerning sale of land to the education committee in order to build the original “Barlows Lane School” (since demolished and rebuilt).

'The land referred to in the above motion forms part of an area of about 30 acres purchased by the late Kirkdale Burial Board in the year 1900 for the purpose of providing for a possible future extension of the Kirkdale Cemetery, which extension, however, has not up to the present time been found necessary. A large portion of this land (which it should be mentioned has not been consecrated) comprising about 20 acres is laid out and let as allotment gardens and is known as Seeds Lane Gardens. The remaining portion, which includes the land referred to in the motion, is situate between Seeds Lane Gardens and Longmoor Lane.'

Following the Allotments Act 1950, which afforded certain rights to Allotment Garden Associations, “Seeds Lane Gardens” changed its name to “Walton Allotment Gardens Association” and adopted a written set of rules at E.G.M. 6th July 1950. At this time the Allotments comprised approx. 270 plots, stretched from Barlows Lane in the East to Seeds Lane in the West, and from the “Loop Line” in the North to (in part) Longmoor Lane in the South. The Allotment Association at this time had 3 committees, a plot management committee, a trading / finance committee and a competition committee. At this time the Allotment Association managed a building on Long moor Lane (adjacent to The Long Moor Social Club and now rented by Liverpool City Council to the flower/plant salesman) which many local people still remember as the "WAGA Hut".

In 1959 the Liverpool Corporation “Cemeteries Committee” repossessed 153 allotments for burial purposes. However, none of the land originally purchased by the local authority in 1900 for burial land has ever been used for burials, the allotment land repossessed in 1959 is now the grassland park at Seeds Lane. All affected plot holders were relocated within what remained of the Association. The main entrance to the allotment site was moved from Seeds Lane to Barlows Lane, but the name "Seeds Lane Allotments" has survived for over half a Century as local people to this day still refer to the allotment site as "Seeds Lane Allotments" . Also, since the allotment site was reduced in size the numbering of individual plots has never been changed, which is why allotments on the three sections do not start with the number 1. "A" section start at A29, "B" section starts at B45, and on "C" section they start at C39. Links to the past.

Seeds Lane Historic boundaries

If one follows the central allotment pathway to the western perimeter fence and looks through into the Seeds Lane Park, a small “roundabout” can be seen, one can be led to believe this was the centre of the complete allotment site.

Since the 1960’s, Barlows Lane School has been extended, and the houses and industrial units to the North and the sheltered accommodation to the East have been built (late 1990’s) on what was previously allotment land. Today “Seeds Lane Allotments” constitutes 3.77 hectares of land (9.3 acres) and is the 4th largest allotment site in Liverpool. Perhaps one day lost land will be reclaimed and lost plots established for would be allotment holders.

Current situation

Between 2007 and 2009 “Seeds Lane Allotments” membership increased from 62 to 110 members, at time of writing in September 2013 we have no vacant plots and a waiting list. We have a website, a robust management committee, and A.G.M. attendance figures show that association members are actively engaged with the responsibility of self managing the association and managing the land on behalf of the Liverpool City Council. In addition to over 100 individual allotment holders, Community groups such as "Fusion", "Mersey Care", "Macmillan Cancer Care" and "Barlows Lane Primary School" are members of Seeds Lane Allotments and together we present a sound argument against any further loss of allotment land.

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