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Sowing Seeds

Economical Sowing

Sowing Seeds

Talking of seed, sow it thinly when you place it in the rows, it will make it more economical, but also save time when they are growing as there will be less thinning out to be done, allowing more space between individual plants. When thinning your seed rows, consider delaying a couple of weeks to allow some growth as baby vegetables can be used in salads, and are very tasty. Don’t grow too many of one thing, there is no point in having 30 lettuce mature all at once, by the time you have eaten three or four of them, the rest will have gone to seed and not edible, sow little and often, particularly for salad crops.

Don’t sow carrots or parsnips on ground that has had fresh manure or compost added, it will make the roots “fork” causing multiple roots on the same plant, which makes preparation in the kitchen much more difficult!

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